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Posted on 03-09-2015

~~Parasites are more common in dogs and cats than we realized and some can even effect humans.   

Did you know?

Roundworms: 1 out of 46 dogs in Minnesota test positive.  1 out of 10 cats test positive. Scott and Dakota counties have some of the highest incidences. Children can become infected by ingesting the eggs by handling contaminated soil or litter box areas.  View capcvet.org for symptoms in your children.

Hookworms:  1 out of 184 dogs test positive for intestinal hook worms. Children can become infected by hookworms by walking barefoot through a contaminated yard.  The larvae burrows into their feet.  Visit capcvet.org for more details.

Heartworm:  1 out of 224 Minnesota dogs test positive.  Cats rarely get the disease and it does not affect humans.  This is a preventable disease that is on the rise.  Dakota and Scott counties have some of the highest incidences in the state.  A heartworm test yearly is recommended. Visit heartwormsociety.org for details.

Fleas:  Fleas do carry disease and infest your home.  A dog or cat becomes infested by spending time outdoors where other mammals (rodents, rabbits,cats,dogs) have been.  Fleas can bite people and cause a rash.

Ticks and lyme disease:  1 out of 12 dogs test positive.  Most of Minnesota is considered high risk – especially the metropolitan area.  We see many cases a year with signs ranging from fever and lameness to kidney disease and death.

Southfork Animal Hospital recommends:

Heartgard Plus:  a chewable heartworm/intestinal worm preventative used monthly all year round

Nexgard:  a chewable flea and tick preventative used monthly all year round.

Revolution: (cats) a pour-on that prevents fleas, roundworms and hookworms.

Frontline plus is still available and is the most effective pour-on flea and tick preventative.

Products are guaranteed when purchased at an animal hospital.  If you pet is currently using the above products, Meriel will pay to treat intestinal worms or heartworms or a flea infestation.  They do not guarantee products purchased from other places.

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