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Posted on 07-06-2015

Fears and anxieties in our dog friends show as hiding, salivating, diarrhea and irritability.  Destroying property such as cushions, window treatments, walls ect. is also seen. The summer, with fireworks or  storms along with a change in normal routine like travelling or boarding, can be especially difficult.  If we get  mad  at our dogs, it simply makes it worse.  They are not being naughty or  mad at you, they are panic stricken.  We sell a number of products that may help.  The Thunder Shirt is a fabric piece that is secured tightly around the animal with Velcro straps.  The Velcro straps fasten over acupressure points and it works as swaddling a baby does.  They are guaranteed and 100% returnable if not fully satisfied.  Adaptil collars emit a calming pheromone when worn snuggly around the dog's neck.  A diffuser can be plugged in the wall by where the dog sleeps to add more pheromone.  Rescue remedy is a bach flower essence that can be put in the water.  Your behavior, too, as you try to calm your dog is important.  Regular exercise and appropriate engaging chew toys will help.  Visit "Fears, Anxieties and Phobias" at www.veterinarypartners.com.  Call Southfork Animal Hospital at 952-431-3147 to schedule a behavior appointment.

Fears and anxieties in our cat friends most commonly cause litter box problems.  The cat will stool or urinate out of the box, maybe by the box or elsewhere.  No, they are not mad at you!!!!! Occasionally they are aggressive to family members.  PLEASE schedule an appointment with us.  There is a Thunder Shirt for cats but our cats did not like it.  Feliway pheromone collars and diffusers work nicely.  Hills makes a new food called C/D multicare stress that contains an ingredient that calms cats and helps them get along better.  It really works!  Visit "Inappropriate urination" at www.veterinarypartners.com.

Again, we can help you with behavior issues in both dogs and cats.  Just please call 952-892-7970. 

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