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Posted on 08-06-2015

I read an interesting  article on August 4 in the Star Tribune.  It was titled "Take extra steps to keep dogs safe from the heat"  The article included statistics of how  hot a car gets in a very short time.  In an 90' day the car can reach 110' in 10 minutes and 129' in 30 min.  So the time it takes to run into the grocery store could be deadly.  Dogs with laryngeal paralysis or breeds with short noses are especially  at risk.  They can't  pant normally and therefore, can not cool themselves.  Hot and humid weather is  difficult for these dogs too.  Excessive, stressful panting is where the sides of the mouth pull back into a "wide smile" with the tongue hanging out.  Your dog could be over heating and needs to be cooled.  Beside the heat, our wet summer has lead to more mosquitoes, fleas and intestinal worms.  Mosquitoes carry heartworm disease which is easily prevented.  Fleas can infest your house without adequate protection.  Intestinal worms are contacted by walking through a contaminated yard or park.  Humans, especially children, can get worms from their  pets.  Again, monthly preventatives take care of that concern.  As far as  preventatives go, be sure to talk to your veterinarian about them.  Do  not rely on the pet store or a giant retailer to tell you what to buy.  Enjoy our all too short Minnesota summer and be sure your pet enjoys it too!

Dr Schanck

Nick Mallory said:

Thanks for sharing this. I was aware of the danger from heat, but I've never thought about the danger increased mosquitoes pose to my dog, so I appreciate you pointing that out. I don't want my kids to get anything from my pets! I'll consult a vet, like you said. http://healthypetalaska.com/

2015-08-19 07:24:09

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