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Posted on 03-10-2016

~~Pet hospice and saying goodbye from Dr Schanck:
Two old, wonderful dogs died this week. I was fortunate to work with both families in a hospice capacity.  It became apparent about 3 months ago that both were declining.  One from abdominal cancer and the other from progressive neuromuscular weakness.  We chatted multiple times a week, not about what tests to do, but what the symptoms were and how can we help these beloved animals feel better.  A good day was when one of the dogs chased the ball once and the other ate baby food and rice crispies.  I rejoiced in that news.  I have known both families for years.  I was proud they chose me as their veterinarian and allowed me to care for their companions.   These dogs were so loved and because of their owners’ dedication, they lived long happy lives.  As the bad days started to outnumber the good days, we chatted about quality of life and how to know “when it is time”.  I told them, our beloved pets somehow show or tell us and you will know when it is time.  For one, it was a Saturday morning when his tail was tucked and he could not be outside watching his squirrels without falling.  For the other, her tail quit wagging and she was no longer able to rise to get her ball.  As a veterinarian I was able to ease their suffering and smooth their passing compassionately.  As I kissed their foreheads, their eyes told me they were done struggling.  I found a neat kids book about pets in heaven.  Our pets can run and play and they are reunited with the people who loved them.  That is where these two dogs are.  Maybe they are friends.

Randee bakke said:

My family has been blessed to have Dr.Paula as our vet. We are lucky to have their wonderful staff help care for our pets. It's true you will know when the time is right. My family is forever grateful for the compassionate care given by Southfork. I'm at peace and look forward to the day we all snuggle again. Love, Sam, Killian Mike, Ellie and their parents Steve, Randee, Stefanee

2016-03-28 17:24:31

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