“Flea And Tick Pills Can Cause Nerve Reactions” from NBC news.

“Veterinarians are poisoning dogs” was a headline on social media.

As many pet owners have heard, the compounds containing Isoxazoline have been linked to seizures, muscle tremors, and staggering. The brand names are Bravecto, Nexgard, Simparica, and Credelio. As a dog owner, we need to prevent tick diseases as they can be deadly. The CDC says the incidence of tick disease has doubled since 2004. Nexgard has been recently labeled as preventing Lyme disease as the tick dies before it can transmit the Lyme organism.

The reported adverse reactions of Nexgard are actually less than when the product first came to market. While no one has actually said, it appears as though there are more issues with some of the other products, not Nexgard. Some of the other products are given every 3 months, not monthly like Nexgard. Does that have something to do with it?

Before anyone accuses me of “poisoning dogs” with Nexgard, let me say that Casey, my beloved golden, gets Nexgard because I don’t want him dying of Lyme disease. I welcome a label stating these concerns as pet care is a partnership between owner and veterinarian. We always take the time to chat about these products and what other options are available for flea and tick prevention.

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